Remote Trading

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Remote Traders

We are a global Proprietary trading firms and offer remote trading in many markets. We provide the following benefits to our remote traders:-

Access to Capital

As a proprietary trading firm, our contracted traders have access to our capital which allows them to to take advantage of the daily market volatility and liquidity without being handicapped.
Our significant buying power allows our traders to compete where competition is fierce. Traders are welcome to request access to more capital, our risk admins screen our traders case by case and are ready to set their parameters on the fly.

Performance Reports

As part of our commitment to generating accurate reports, all our traders are able to view their activity from volume, P&L, ECN costs & fees under our reporting system. We take pride in transparency so our clients are always up to date on everything that has to do with their trading activity.

Aggressive Payouts

Unlike many firms who make it part of their business to squeeze the retail trader from rates to profits, we negotiate for our traders some of the highest payouts in the industry that allow them to retain most of their profits all while keeping their execution costs low.

No Fund Lock-Up Period

We take pride in being as fluid as possible. Some firms hold trader’s funds for a 12 month period as part of their contract. This was and never will be part of our policy. Traders can close their membership at their discretion and request their funds it at anytime.