• What We Do
  • Investment Management
  • Proprietary Trading
  • Arbitrage & Hedging Services
  • Research & Education


What We Do

Galaxy Kingdom Limited is a big financial services conglomerate which has presence in many areas namely – Investment Management,Proprietary Trading ,Arbitrage and Hedging services for corporate and individuals,Research and Education.


Investment Management

We provide fund management services to corporate and individual for different asset classes and make sure that we achieve a superior risk adjusted return on capital for the client.


Proprietary Trading

We are deeply into Prop trading business and we have in house as well as remote traders in many countries. We are into prop trading in different asset classes across the global market with main focus on US Equities and Russian Equities.


Arbitrage & Hedging Services for Corporate & Individuals

We are also involved in Arbitrage and other risk free trading strategies implementation which can generate a risk free return on capital to a certain percentage. Our team consists of professionals having immense experience in this work.

We also provide hedging solution for corporate in all the asset classes including currency and commodities. We hedge their existing naked position with the help of financial derivatives to protect their wealth.


Research & Education

We are also into research and education and our team of research analyst keep track of different asset classes across the globe and always looking for better investment or trading opportunities.

We also provide education to individuals or group of individuals regarding day trading and different strategies like scalping, momentum trading etc.